The Temple of Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads is a devotional body in honor of the ancient Greek Hekate and the ancient Roman Hecate, as well as a retinue of ancestors. The Strophalos Priest/ess/xhood, a corps of priest/ess/xes dedicated to Hekate/Hecate, serves this temple with variable ritual activities. The Strophalos also accept and train new Temple priest/ess/xes. Our Temple is inclusive and open to all.


Our Temple is a place for:

  • Healing

  • Magic(k)

  • Ancestor reverence

  • Witchcraft

  • Personal and collective spellwork

  • Honoring death as a natural part of the life cycle

  • Making space for the sacred act of mourning

  • Exploration of Mystery

  • Protection of travellers

  • Illumination of life’s pathways

  • Divination and the art of navigating life’s transitions

  • Examination and integration of Shadow


Membership & Leadership
Our Dark Moon circles honor both the Greek Hekate: brilliant, shining Maiden, walker between the worlds, protector and guardian along life's journey, midwife, custodian of the keys, indomitable one, healer and poisoner, and also the Roman Hecate: Goddess of moon, magic, women, cultivation of crops, crossroads, night, and witchcraft.

The Temple is served by avowed Priest/ess/xes of the Strophalos, an order devoted to Hekate/Hecate. We accept new Dedicants and Priest/ess/xes annually. Our temple does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sex, class, ability, or other privileging factors.

Our leadership is comprised of those who have served as Strophalos Temple Priest/ess/xes for three years and who have been approved by the existing leadership.


Some helpful resources about Hecate/Hekate include:

Covenant of Hekate

Goddess Guide





The Temple of Hecate, Queen of Crossroads, is sponsored by Come As You Are Pagan Congregation, a 510(c)3 church.