Dark Moon Ritual Outline




Ring tingshas 3x, letting the sound resonate fully for 10-15 seconds between each ring.

Welcome to our circle tonight.  We have come here to honor Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads. Before we begin, we will be burning these petitions that are left in the altar room of this temple.

Burning of Petitions:
Petitions are written and burned in their cauldron, as all sing:

Oh Great Mother
Bring these petitions to fruition
With good toward all and harm to none
So mote it be

3 people to bring the items from Hecate’s shrine to our altar.
(Items at this time: Candle, cards, keys, statue)

You are the light
You are the key
You lead the way
You let me see, Hecate

Keeper of Crossroads, Hecate
Bearer of Secrets, Hecate
Show me the way, Hecate.

Circle Cast: 
Pass Her sacred keys clockwise around the circle, explaining that we are doing so as our form of circle casting.

The circle is cast.  We are between the worlds in a liminal space, between time and place.

Calling in the Crossroads:
3 people call in the crossroads.  Each participant will call in one aspect, pulling it into the circle with a gesture.

From starry skies
To shining seas
And solid land
We call all three
We call in the crossroads
Where the three roads meet
We are now in sacred space
So mote it be!

Everyone is welcomed to call in their own ancestors, and Priest/ess also calls in a specific historical ancestor. 

Allies of Hecate: 
We call upon spirit of dog (protection), snake (wisdom), and horse (freedom) with anecdotes from attendees.

Invoking Hecate:
Method of invocation will be determined by priest/ess/x in charge of the working for that month.

Offerings: All
Whoever calls upon Hecate makes the first offering.
Participants make offerings as called to do so

Working of the Month: All
Variable ritual activities

Divination: All
We begin by calling upon Pamela “Pixie” Coleman Smith, who illustrated one of the most popular tarot decks in history in only 7 months, which was a very short time to produce such a body of work; who was a bold and courageous occultist; who was a woman of color, and was also a contemporary of Bram Stoker and other brilliant artistic minds of her day.

We spread cards out in front of Hecate and have participants choose a card.  

Final Blessing: 
Prayer to Hekate by Yeshe Rabbit

Wild wanderer at the crossroads
Bright hostess at the thresholds
Keeper of keys and passages
Bearer of twin flames
Radiant bride of night
Mother of Darkness
Guard, guide, and lead me today.
I am a deer in thy roaming herd!
I am a key to thy mysteries!
I am a torch in thy hand!
I am a footfall along thy silent path!
I am a star in thy vast heavens!
I am a wave in thy fathomless seas!
I am a knife that cuts cleanly!
I am a soul in thy holy retinue!
I am a fiber in the rope of eternity!
I consecrate myself unto thee today,
And every day,
That I may travel safely within the folds of thy saffron cloak,
Dive with thy aid into deep mystic waters,
And dance with thee among the shades of my benevolent Ancestors.

Therefore, grant me courage and constancy, embrace me at thy bosom at the proper time,
And bestow upon me thy faultless perception.

We thank Hecate, allies, and ancestors in reverse order. Then we lift crossroads.

From starry skies
To shining seas
And solid land

We thank all three
We lift the crossroads
Where the three roads meet
With gratitude for walking Her ways.
So mote it be!

Open circle:
We p
ass keys around in opposite direction, process ritual items back to shrine.

The Temple of Hecate, Queen of Crossroads is sponsored by Come As You Are Pagan Congregation, a 501(c)3 church.